Pet Adoption – A Realistic Alternative to Purchasing

It is one of the more disappointing statistics we read: Every year in the United States, between 9 and 11 million homeless animals are euthanized. The professional and technical staff at the Jewell Animal Hospital in St. Louis encourage people, whenever possible, to rescue a pet from a pound or animal shelter rather than purchase one from a store or puppy mill. There are many organizations, such as humane societies and county and regional governments, from which pets can be adopted. The Jewell Animal Hospital works with PetSmart Charities, which operates the in-store pet adoption program at the national pet store chain PetSmart.

Those who are reluctant about rescuing a pet from a shelter should understand that these animals are usually house- and crate-trained. Usually well past teething, they generally will leave furniture alone. In addition, they have been examined for contagious diseases, vaccinated, and de-wormed, and if old enough, spayed or neutered. The adoption fees charged are generally far less than the costs of buying a puppy or kitten and having it vaccinated and spayed or neutered. The Jewell Animal Hospital maintains its own shelter for homeless pets, Judy’s Forgotten Jewells, and encourages those seeking a young or adult pet, or even a senior, to visit them at 6400 Chippewa Street in St. Louis, or visit their website at, to see the pets available for adoption.